Mooring, Vessel Motion and Model Test Tidbits

A list of miscellaneous pedagogical documentation relating to the SeaSoft programs is included below. The list is not static but will grow and change with time, so check back often...

Click to Download a PDF File:

Basin_Wave_Groups.pdf - An appendix from the Slowsim Manual (available in its entirety here) describing the importance and difficulty of proper modeling of wave group spectra during wave basin tests.

MoorMacro_Docs.pdf - A description of a macro-based (i.e., automated) implementation of a standardized graphical presentation of mooring statics data on the Macintosh.

Line_Dynamics.pdf - An early Technical Memorandum from SeaTek Corporation on the dynamics of mooring line tensions. This was written by Dr. Gunnar Bergmann, who was the first man to understand in detail (in the early 1970's) the physics of this important phenomenon. Anyone with an interest in mooring dynamics should review this document carefully.

Variable_Drift_Analysis.pdf- A brief discussion of the effects on low-frequency vessel motions of the peakedness of the first-order wave spectrum for a given Significant Wave Height.



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