Demo Programs and Data File Editor Tools

The user interface to each SeaSoft program is contained in a Data File Editor Module (the "Editor") which is freely downloadable and, along with the appropriate downloadable user manual, illustrates the capability of each program in its entirety.

In addition to illustrating the user interface of the SeaSoft programs, these applications are used to prepare the necessary binary data files for submission to the web-site execution engines. Limited-time free access to the software is available to qualified offshore professionals for promotional purposes. (See the Account Setup Page for details.)

Editors are available here for Macintosh OS X, Microsoft Windows and Linux operating systems.

The Editors are packaged in *.zip archives containing the Editor application and sample input data files corresponding to the sample problem illustrated in the associated user manual. For example, the "ShipEdit" application and a "SHIPDAT" data file are contained in the "Shipsim" archive. As an introduction to the application, you should simply execute the editor application (after expanding the archive) and select the "M" (Modify) option at the resulting startup splash screen; this will bring up the supplied sample data file which you can then examine and, if you wish, modify for submission to the server execution engine.

Macintosh OS X Editors

Windows Editors

Linux Editors



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