Account Setup Process

Accounts are restricted to suitably qualified engineering professionals.

To inquire about opening an account, send an email to SeaSoft with the following minimum information:

1. Your name and relevant engineering specialty

2. Your company name and a brief general description of your subdivision's principal business activity

3. Your email address

Note: Because of the extremely narrow target audience for these tools, accounts will be made available only to appropriately qualified individuals.

Upon receipt of a qualified request, SeaSoft will provide licensing requirements and pricing.

Upon receipt of an executed license agreement, SeaSoft will assign a user name and password.

Once an account (user name, password) has been established, you may use these to log onto your server directory from the SeaSoft home page.

In order to prepare and submit data files for execution, you will need to first download the appropriate Macintosh or Windows-based SeaSoft Editor program which you will use to create and/or modify the necessary binary data files for submission to the server-based runtime engine.

Access Procedures

You can review a brief summary of the program access procedures here, or a more comprehensive set of instructions here.


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