Sample Datasets

A collection of moderately complex datasets for CalmSim, Moorsim, Sparsim, SPMsim, Squallsim, TLPsim, and Towsim are available below. These can be downloaded to your computer and uploaded back, one case at a time, to your account for execution. This will help you understand the website workflow. You can edit these cases as you wish using the appropriate SeaSoft editor program for each case [Demo Programs], and/or use them as a template for your own project. They illustrate some of the more complex capabilities, including spread seas, user-specified mooring line stress-strain properties and much more. These datasets comprise a small subset of the quality-control test suite used for checkout of new software releases.

Note that each zipped dataset below begins with the prefix "batch". This prefix signals the processing software to expect multiple files in the archive, and to extract all its contents for each simulation. The same "batch" prefix syntax is used for zipfile archives containing many independent simulation cases to be run sequentially; the "" dataset, containing all of the others below in a single archive, is an example of this. See Batch Introduction and Batch Processing FAQ for details on batch processing.

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A cartoon movie of the Squallsim test case:



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