A comprehensive static catenary-elastic multileg mooring system calculator.



Executive Summary

Statmoor is a first-generation comprehensive static mooring analysis program used for calculation of lateral restoring characteristics of multileg catenary mooring systems. The program is used in design and analysis of complex single-vessel multi-point mooring systems and special applications including static response characteristics of most elasto-gravitational lines of importance to the offshore industry (towlines, reinforced coflex-type hoses, etc.). Analytically exact solutions to the elasto-gravitational static response of mooring line elements are employed; these exact equations apply to arbitrary degrees of nonlinearity in the tension-elongation characteristics for the mooring line elements, permitting analysis of strongly non-linear materials such as nylon and polypropylene. Extensive on-line default values for weight, strength and elastic properties of steel and synthetic mooring materials are provided to enhance efficiency in preliminary parametric design studies. The program supports clumped weights, surface-resident spring buoys and azimuth-dependent sloping seafloor conditions. Output capabilities include individual line characteristics and net restoring forces and moments associated with yaw offsets or lateral offsets in any direction. Either fairlead pretensions, pretension line angles or horizontal distances to anchors may be specified for a given length of deployed line.

In developing Statmoor, special attention was given to deficiencies in the treatment of mooring element elasticity by widely used static mooring codes. In some cases, commonly-employed approximations to elastic response can result in errors as great as 100% in predicted line loads and mooring forces.

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