A time-domain add-on for Moorsim and SPMsim



Executive Summary

SquallSim [AKA Squalsim] is an add-on module for Moorsim and SPMsim comprising a fully nonlinear time-domain simulation of vessel motions and mooring loads in complex transient environmental settings. Moorsim and SPMsim, being designed for statistical load estimates in statistically uniform long-term environments (e.g., a "statistically stationary" three-hour storm event with unchanging wind, current, and wave intensities and spectra), are ill-suited for extreme motion and load estimation arising from transient environmental excitations, such as wind squalls or passage of an advecting current eddy past a spatially fixed location.

Originally targeted at analysis of analytically problematic wind squall events impacting drilling and development projects off of West Africa, it has expanded in scope over time to encompass more complex environmental scenarios with arbitrary time-dependent winds, waves, current, and transient external forcings produced by attached support vessels.

By leveraging the comprehensive system damping and mooring capabilities of Moorsim and SPMsim, SquallSim is able to carry out time domain simulations of intricate offshore systems, including complex mooring and riser configurations, in a fraction of the time required by existing time domain solutions. Runtimes on consumer-grade computer platforms are measured in seconds rather than hours for most scenarios, regardless of environmental or mooring complexity.

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