A comprehensive static and low-frequency vessel environmental force estimator.



Executive Summary

Slowsim is used for computing static and low-frequency heading-dependent vessel forces and moments arising from wind, current and wave drift action for a variety of vessel types and configurations. These computations comprise a normal subset of calculations required for comprehensive programs such as Moorsim, SPMsim, Towsim, CALMsim, SALMsim and TLPsim, and are used to estimate the environmentally-associated mean position and low-frequency motion amplitudes of vessels in these programs. A built-in selection of standard vessel types including barges, VLCC and ULCC tankers, semisubmersibles and azimuthally-symmetric vessels are accommodated for rapid estimation of environmental vessel loads on these vessel types. In addition, a built-in help facility is available online to estimate average vessel characteristics such as windage areas, hydrostatic and mass properties for seagoing tanker-type vessels.

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