A motion and load estimator for riser-buoy-yoke Single Anchor Leg Mooring systems.



Executive Summary

SALMsim is a comprehensive software tool used for design, evaluation, maintenance and failure analysis of riser-buoy-yoke type single anchor-leg mooring (SALM) systems with an attached storage vessel. A wide range of environmental conditions is accommodated, including extensive built-in wave spectral types, azimuthal spreading of wave directions, an optional independent background swell, and steady or fluctuating wind and/or current. Integrated modules compute static, low-frequency (typical periods of oscillation of one to twenty minutes) and wave-frequency (typical periods of oscillation of 4 to 30 seconds) behavior of the vessel and its associated mooring structures. Emphasis is on estimation of characteristic (r.m.s.) and storm peak motion and load values at any point in the system for a particular wind, wave and current environment. Effects of finite water depth are fully modeled and either English or metric units may be selected for vessel specification and data output. Output is in the form of amplitude and phase of Response Amplitude Operators (RAOs) and/or statistical characterizations of vessel and mooring system motion and load response to irregular wave conditions. Capabilities for analysis of free (vessel detached) SALMs in arbitrary environmental conditions are incorporated. Full accommodation of square-law hydrodynamic driving and damping forces acting on the mooring structure is provided. Execution is carried out in the frequency domain, resulting in short run times and unambiguous predictions of statistical response values. SALMsim versions accommodating both conventional buoyant SALMs and more recent designs based upon pendular masses are available.

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