A multi-degree-of-freedom static catenary-elastic mooring system evaluator.



Executive Summary

Catsim is a second-generation comprehensive static mooring analysis program for multileg catenary mooring systems. Catsim's strengths include the ability to accommodate the latest generation of complex deepwater mooring systems and the ability to compute line tension variations for arbitrary quasi-static motions, including rotational offsets about any oblique axis and translational offsets in any direction. These capabilities are used, in particular, for ruptured-hull damage analysis of moored vessels and for a new class of multileg mooring buoys with variable vertical positioning capabilities. Catsim shares with Statmoor the exact solution to the elasto-gravitational static response of mooring line elements, permitting analysis of strongly nonlinear materials such as nylon and polypropylene. Extensive on-line default values for weight, strength and elastic properties of steel and synthetic mooring materials are provided to enhance efficiency in preliminary parametric design studies. Catsim supports surface and submerged buoys, clumped weights and individually specifiable anchor depths, but not sloping bottom conditions. Output capabilities include both individual line characteristics and net restoring forces and moments associated with rotational offsets about any oblique axis or translational offsets in any direction. Automatic evaluation of the force-moment equilibrium configuration associated with user-specified external forces and moments acting in conjunction with hydrostatic and mooring forces and moments is a built-in option.

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