A comprehensive motion and load estmiation for catenary anchor-leg mooring systems.



Executive Summary

CALMsim is a comprehensive analysis tool used for design, evaluation, maintenance and failure analysis of catenary anchor-leg mooring (CALM) systems. These systems comprise a storage vessel attached by means of a hawser or a rigid, articulated yoke assembly to a large catenary-moored surface buoy. It provides detailed mooring line and vessel performance data under specifiable water depth and environmental conditions, including characteristic (r.m.s.) and peak system loads in the forecast maximum storm. A wide range of environmental conditions is accommodated, including extensive built-in wave spectral types, azimuthal spreading of wave directions, an optional independent background swell, and steady or fluctuating wind and/or current. CALM mooring systems are characterized by extreme nonlinearities at every phase of performance analysis; CALMsim accommodates these nonlinearities at all levels, including system statics, quasi-statics (low-frequency oscillations with typical periods of one to ten minutes) and dynamics (wave-frequency oscillations with typical periods of 4 to 30 seconds). Direct comparison of CALMsim's nonlinear dynamic load calculation with the quasi-static catenary calculation often used as an approximation is provided as an output option. Execution is carried out in the frequency domain, resulting in short run times and unambiguous predictions of statistical response values.

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